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Mayan Mothers’

Food Fund in Guatemala


Peace through Yoga Foundation is committed to supporting local Mayan women
in Santa Cruz La Laguna whose families are in the greatest need of financial
support. This project began in 2020 when it was discovered widows and mothers
with little to no income and those with alcoholic husbands were not being served.

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Their project is simple.

All the money we collect goes directly toward the purchase of hand-selected vegetables and fruits for the families of the Mayan mother's target group. The women range from teenagers to the elderly. This local project has no administrative costs, so all the donated funds goes directly toward buying food.

There is a local woman who organizes the purchase of the bags and orchestrates the selection of seven women each week to benefit from this program. They spend approximately $108 per week ($432 per month) to make this food bag and gift of life a reality.

Each woman hand selects the produce she’d like for her family. Because the ladies purchase the food directly, they are given the most favorable price by the local vendors. Every week, photos are taken of the women and their bag of food, which ensures that these funds are successfully reaching those in need.

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