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Action or Doing

Our goal at Peace through Yoga Foundation is to provide an opportunity for you
to experience The Four Paths of Yoga through all our different offerings.


Karma Yoga

The path of action and selfless service
Raja Yoga

The "Eight Limb Path" that includes asana, pranayama, and meditation
Jnana Yoga

The path of knowledge and wisdom
Bhakti Yoga

The path of devotion and love for the whole of creation


Karma yoga comes from the Sanskrit word that literally means “action or doing”. Karma yoga is a path of action, and it stands for selfless acts done for others. It is believed by some yogis that karma yoga is the best way to develop one’s spiritual self.

Karma Yoga can be accomplished by giving time, talent and/or treasure with our foundation.

On Peace through Yoga retreats, we often offer opportunities to do service activities with local women or children and/or to bring needed items to the destinations. Items might include carrying an extra suitcase filled with books or school supplies.

Our personal relationships with local organizations allow us to coordinate projects that directly help and make an impact on those who need it most.



In 2005 Peace through Yoga Foundation founded a program called Girls for Success in the heart of the rainforest in Costa Rica (southern Caribbean) for girls who often did not finish elementary school and rarely considered high school. The purpose of the Girls for Success School has been to educate, enrich and empower girls in the rural area of Hone Creek, Carbon Uno and the surrounding community. Now all our students complete their elementary education and proceed on to high school. We continue to support them with career counseling and assist them in applying to the university. After 18 wonderful years and three different rental properties, we are building our own Girls for Success School,

which will be completed by late summer 2023. PTYF has offered approximately 40 adventure, yoga and service retreats to Costa Rica and the participants often feel the afternoon we spend at our school is one of the highlights. Supplies are brought and enrichment activities are implemented by the volunteers.

Current Needs:

$500 to sponsor a girl annually

(receive monthly newsletters from the teacher and quarterly letters from "your girl")
$300 for a sewing machine
$175 for a student's bicycle and lock
$150 for one field trip 

$100 for one month toward sewing teacher

Any amount given for our new school and operational expenses is greatly appreciated.

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Peace through Yoga Foundation developed and supports a library for teenage girls at the Girlhood Lounge with over 900 books.  The Girlhood Lounge for girls ages 13-17 provides a safe space for girls to interact, explore their individuality and develop good values and positive self-concepts. Our library space provides another element to the program by placing the magic of reading directly in their hands. This initiative aims to engage, empower and educate these girls. 


In the fall of 2022, the Dominica government gifted land to the Jungle Bay Foundation near the current elementary school in Soufriere to build a new preschool. Currently, Seedlings Preschool is housed in a church that is too small; the preschool serves about 30 children currently. The teachers have the demanding task of disassembling the small classroom every night and reassembling every morning due to the other space demands in the church.

Peace through Yoga Foundation’s goal is to provide a library for the new preschool at the cost of $10K.  With the island having suffered two huge hurricanes in 2015 and 2017, children’s books are non-existent. We ask our travelers to consider bringing an extra suitcase of children’s books, school supplies, and other needed items, so we can help local families and at the same time enjoy the beautiful island on which they live. 

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Dominica preschool with Kelli G.jpg



At the Ashram de Yoga Sivananda outside of Paris, Karma yoga or selfless service is the foundation on which all yogic practices are based.  Along with twice daily attendance at satsang and the daily practice of asanas and pranayama, one hour a day is required by working selflessly for the running of the Ashram. They believe it fosters humility, love, compassion, sympathy, mercy, tolerance, and forgiveness. It is the practice of service to humanity.

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Peace through Yoga supports a women’s shelter for those who have been victims of violence in Morocco. On our Morocco trips, we offer a short visit to the women’s center just outside the city that offers temporary lodging to women and children. We take much needed items, like food diapers, hygiene items, etc. We also participate in a henna tattoo ritual since that has a strong cultural connection to women there. The ritual is part of any celebration in Morocco and as we visit and donate to them, this activity is more meaningful for them to celebrate by sharing a central aspect of their cultures. Local musicians are part of the ceremony, as well as joining in and learning Moroccan dance steps. 

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