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Spiritual Tranformational Yoga via the Eight Limbs of Yoga is a book that takes a step-by-step approach to help readers of all faiths find inner peace and a deeper spiritual life. Many individuals initially come to the mat because of the physical practice and all the benefits that yoga offers for strengthening the body and calming the mind. The Eight Limbs of Yoga provides so much more including a path for inner peace. The first two limbs concentrate on external and internal universal values. Next comes the postures and a gentle flow to prepare the body physically to sit in prayer and meditation for periods of time. Breath work is incorporated after the physical practice in order to calm the mind even further for meditation. It is then that the individual begins withdrawing from the senses, going inward to focus and pray, eventually meditating and experiencing a blissful state and oneness with God.  Hopefully, all of us, one yogi at a time, will be able to take the peace developed internally through this process "off the mat and into the world".

By Sally Bassett, Ph.D. 

Spiritual Transformational Yoga

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