Girls for Success

A Peace through Yoga Foundation Project

Costa Rica 


The purpose of the Girls for Success program is to enrich, educate, and empower girls in the rural area of Hone Creek and the surrounding community in Costa Rica.



Our vision is for our girls to grow up to be smart, confident, and ready to learn.

Our hope is for each girl to reach their full intellectual and earning potential so that they become self-sufficient leaders in their communities.

What we do

Our program offers 16 girls aged 7 to 12 the opportunity to further their learning after school.

For three hours each day, we work with our students on English and sewing as well as art and music. Each month students participate in a life skills workshop or an educational excursion.



Peace through Yoga Foundation is a 501c3 charity and 100% of all donations go directly to support the Girls for Success program 

Our annual budget for this year-round program includes a full-time English teacher, a sewing teacher, rent and upkeep of our center that includes a classroom and library in the heart of rural Hone Creek, monthly field trips/life skills workshops for our 16 student (age 7-12 years old), a Girls for Success Club for high school students,  a sewing revenue project, guest speakers, and art and music activities.

Current Needs:

  • $500 to sponsor a girl annually

  • $300 for a sewing machine

  • $175 for a student's bicycle and lock

  • $150 for one field trip 

  • $100 for one month toward sewing teacher

  • Any “general fund” amount given is greatly appreciated.