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Girls for Success

A Peace through Yoga Foundation Project



Peace through Yoga Foundation developed and supports a library for teenage girls at the Girlhood Lounge with over 900 books. The Girlhood Lounge for girls ages 13-17 provides a safe space for girls to interact, explore their individuality and develop good values and positive self-concepts

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Our library space provides another element to the program by placing the magic of reading directly in their hands. This initiative aims to engage, empower and educate these girls. Furthermore, literature can help to empower youth to be inquisitive, assertive and innovative as they figuratively face the challenges of their novels’ characters.

Finally, different aspects of education are met, not just academically, but socially, spiritually and emotionally among others.

What we do

We help elevate the voices of girls to help ensure they have the opportunity, life skills and resources to advocate for their own empowerment. 

We support rural girls in Dominica by strengthening their knowledge of their rights, literacy empowerment and inspiring girls to dream big. 

The Girlhood Lounge is a safe space where girls gain access to information on reproductive health, mental health, safety and rights, academic support, recreational activities, leadership and skill building programs, and also mentorship and support services.

Enjoy this short video giving you more insight from Mariah on our service projects in Dominica:

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How you can help?

Buy a book or two from this Amazon wish list and have sent directly to PTYF.

OR donate through our PayPal button for us to purchase books and/or to provide funds for monthly field trips. 

Peace through Yoga Foundation

5723 Lower Garden Way

Zionsville, IN 46077

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Other Ways We Support Girls for Success Dominica:

  1. Enrichment Modules: Develop and provide modules from educators or experts on topics such as Health, Women Empowerment, Self Esteem, Art, Music and Yoga that can be implemented by the women running the program in Dominica

  2. Field Trips: Provide excursions where the girls participate in enrichment activities, including an afternoon party with the PTYF travelers on each trip

Meet the Director of Girls for Success Dominica

Valarie Sherry Honoré 

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Valarie Honoré is a Social Entrepreneur and the Founder/Director of I Have a Right Foundation. As a survivor of child abuse, Valarie dreams of a world where every girl has the equal opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of their race, socioeconomic background, or disability. A world where the rights of all are protected.  Valarie has a passion for Child Rights Advocacy, 

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Girls Leadership, Sustainable Livelihood and Social Impact.  With diverse professional experience in administration, creative thinking, and strategic planning, she has committed her life towards creating safe spaces where girls develop as confident leaders and change makers.  Peace through Yoga Foundation is blessed to have her as part of our team as Director of Girls for Success Dominica. 

Our Founding Members (left to right) – Valarie Sherry Honoré, Sally Bassett, Lucien Alexander-Anatol and Edith Williams  

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