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International Retreats

           February 3-10, 2024 and January 18-25, 2025                                     


Caribbean Adventure in Dominica

A country that is known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” due to its lush scenery and its varied flora and fauna

Get ready for one of the most fun adventures of your life!

Join us as we travel to the beautiful island of Dominica where you will have the opportunity to hike through the rainforest, swim in unique waterfalls and mountain pools, sea kayak in turquoise waters, and snorkel through unique underwater volcanic bubbles while you explore the diverse sea-life at Dominica’s premier marine reserve. Sea horses, turtles, and a variety of tropical fish are often sighted. Healthy meal fare, fresh fruit juices, daily yoga, and a spa treatment all included during your stay at the Jungle Bay Resort. 

Award-winning Jungle Bay Resort is operated in alignment with international Geotourism and Ecotourism guidelines. As an alternative to traditional Caribbean tourism, the focus is on enjoyable nature-based activities and the wellness of guests, along with quality service.

Jungle Bay features tastefully designed stone and hardwood villas overlooking the marine sanctuary of Scotts Head and Soufriere. The hotel resort is nestled within beautiful forests of tropical trees, banana plants, and native flowers, and the villas are spacious, featuring luxury furnishings. Guests access the units through footpaths, allowing you to explore the tropical plant life along the way to your private villa.

Jungle Bay offers an exciting launching pad to explore the almost unending natural attractions of Dominica. Daily hikes, activities, and excursions are available for all fitness and endurance levels.


Dominica is an island nation located in the Lesser Antilles area, south of Guadeloupe and northwest of Martinique. Nature lovers and adventurers will enjoy this island of 365 rivers and streams by going off the beaten path along remote trails that take you to the many unique waterfalls, mountain pools, and mineral springs that make Dominica the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”.  

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Day 1

Arrive Douglas-Charles Airport (DOM) Transportation will be provided from the airport to your deluxe lodgings perched atop a jungle-clad hill with expansive views over Dominica’s southwest coast.  Enjoy the scenic drive as you travel across untouched jungle peaks. 

Check-in at Jungle Bay then relax and reset in your lush surroundings complete with a stunning infinity pool, gardens galore, and beautiful views in every direction.

6:00 pm    Welcome Dinner full of the island’s fresh, organic ingredients and Caribbean flavors. 

Day 2

7:00-10:00 am Breakfast at Jungle Bay

8:30-11:00am. - Scotts Head Hike – Hike from Jungle Bay Resort along the main road down to the fishing village of Soufriere. Instead of hiking up the steep hill to the mountain village of Galion, continue the hike on the flat, along the shore from Soufriere to Scotts Head. The walk takes us through the small village of Scotts Head and up to the historic Scotts Head peak to enjoy the spectacular view of the pristine water. The peninsula and peak of Scotts Head are the most southern point of the island and are dividing the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Easy to Moderate Hike - This hike is approximately 3-5.5 miles (mainly flat terrain) depending how far you would like to go.

12:30 pm Lunch at Jungle Bay  Afternoon free for spa treatment, enjoying the pool, exploring the complex and more!

3:30-4:30 pm Jungle Bay Story   The “Jungle Bay Story” is told by Developer/Owner Sam Raphael, when on the island. The discussion includes the history and philosophy of Jungle Bay along with the many challenges and triumphs from inception in 1997 to the present.

5:00-6:00 pm  Gentle Yoga Class

6:30 pm  Dinner

Day 3

7:00-10:00 am  Breakfast at Jungle Bay

9 am-12 pm  Kayak & Snorkeling Tour Start with a short lesson in kayaking, before heading into the Caribbean Sea to enjoy paddling and snorkeling in the warm waters of the Soufriere/Scotts Head Marine Reserve. You will be surrounded by a scenic coastline of mountains and coconut trees. EASY – 5 minute drive each way.

3:30-4:30 pm  Dominican Medicinal Herbs and Tea Experience Learn about the ancient herbal remedies of the island’s traditional peoples.
It is no wonder Dominica has such a high number of centenarians when you realize they live off the organic plants grown in the island’s nutrient rich soil. The fragrant herbs you will encounter during this presentation are grown right in Jungle Bay’s garden. Make your own tea blends during this interactive ‘wellness experience for the senses’ where you get to see, touch, smell, and taste!

5:00-6:00 pm Raja Yoga (the "Eight Limb Path" that includes asana,  pranayama, and meditation)

6:15 pm  Dinner at Jungle Bay

Day 4

7:00-10:00 am  Breakfast at Jungle Bay

8:00-4:00 p.m. Perdu Temps Hike ~ Retrace the footsteps of Dominica’s “maroons” (run-away slaves). This hike is part of the historic Perdu Temps trail and takes about one and a half hours each way through secondary forest, mainly flat terrain and some river crossings. It gets steep and narrow as you approach the end and opens up to an area often described as “Paradise” or “The Garden of Eden”! You are invited to pick fresh tropical fruits from the trees. Explore Pump’s bio diversified farm with a huge variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. Tour the “Medical Garden” with a wide assortment of healing plants/natural herbal remedies. Pump and his family warmly welcome you to their home, due to the close relationship they have with "Sam", owner of Jungle Bay. This tour is one of our guests’ favorites and should not be missed! A vegan lunch is provided ◊ MODERATE++ ◊

5:15-6:15 pm Raja Yoga

6:30 pm Dinner at Jungle Bay

Day 5

7:00-10:00 am     Breakfast


7:30-8:30 a.m.    Slow Flow Yoga 

9:30am-11:30 pm  Optional Snorkel at Famous Champagne Beach Champagne Beach is part of the protected Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve.  Underground volcanic activity seeps through the ocean floor, then is cooled by sea waves and rises in a line of bubbles creating a memorable snorkeling experience.  Fan coral, turtles and a variety of tropical fish are often sighted. EASY – 15 minute drive each way - $56 per person

12:30 pm  Lunch at Jungle Bay Enjoy the afternoon getting a massage, swimming at two of the resorts pools, or just relax on your terrace                   

5:00-6:00 pm  Raja Yoga

6:30pm  Dinner at Jungle Bay

Day 6

7:00-10:00 am   Breakfast 


7:30-8:30 a.m.   Slow Flow Yoga

9am-2:30pm Morne Bruce, Botanical Gardens, Trafalgar Falls and Titou Gorge Drive to Morne Bruce, Roseau (offering a panoramic view of the entire city), continue through the Botanical Gardens to Trafalgar Falls. The famous Trafalgar twin waterfalls are easily accessible. It is a short 10-15 minute walk along a well-mantained foot path from the visitor center to the viewpoint of Trafalgar Falls. Another 15 minute drive taxes you to Laudat to visit the spectacular Titou Gorge (located at the start of the hike to Boiling Lake) It’s a short walk to the Gorge and a short swim though a series of natural “rooms and ponds” formed by high cliff walls canopied by interlaced trees leading to a hidden waterfall. Part of the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie was filmed here, when captain Jack and his crew were trying to escape from the tribe and fell into this gorge. Trafalgar Falls and Titou Gorge are both located in the Trois Piton National Park. A brief stop at the local market is made on the return to Jungle Bay. Pack lunch is provided. EASY – 45 minute driving each way/ 40 minutes walking in total.

Sack lunch provided.

5:00-6:00 pm   Partner Yoga

6:30 pm    Dinner at Jungle Bay

Day 7

7:00-10:00 am  Breakfast followed by a leisurely day or choose one of the optional excursions.  

The day is free to explore on your own.  For those who prefer ocean-based activities, options abound! Divers will love exploring the beautiful coral and tropical fish found in Scotts Head Marine Reserve, as described below. Alternatively, you can explore the waters from above on a whale-watching boat trip. Dominica is the only country in the world where nearly 200 resident sperm whales live year-round, making your chances of seeing them in all their glory incredibly high.  

8:45-11:15 a.m.Whale Watching (optional excursion)  Dominica is one of the whale watching hot spots in the world and they have year-round resident sperm whale sightings. Price is $80 USD per person inclusive VAT and transfers.


Price is $80 USD per person inclusive of VAT and transfers. Please sign up in advance to secure your place.  Space is limintited 

10:30 am   Optional Scuba Diving opportunity for those who are certified. Dominica is known to be one of the top diving destinations in the world. Our chosen dive site is seen right from your room at Jungle Bay. Scott's Head Pinnacle is justifiably one of the island's most famous dive sites. The dive begins on Swiss Cheese, a large rock formation home to the well-known Soldier Fish Cave. Not actually a cave, this swim-through is usually packed with soldier fish and grunts that form a curtain in front of you, briefly parting to swallow you into the school as you pass through. At a depth of only 35-50 feet, a picturesque swim-through bisects the pinnacle, bringing you to the "other side"  a steep wall on the inside of the volcanic crater that falls off to more than 120 feet. The swim-through is home to blackbar soldierfish, grunts and lobster. Tip: If you aren’t certified, you might want to call your local dive shop and get started. A lifetime certification. Price will vary versus one or two tank dive.  

Price is $92 USD inclusive of VAT, return transportation and marine park fees.  Please sign up in advance to secure your place. Space is limited.

12:30 pm  Lunch at Jungle Bay 

3:00-4:00 pm  Caribbean Cooking Class ~ Learn how to prepare local Caribbean cuisine full of organic vegetables, seasonal fruit, unique spices, eggs, fish, and more.   Ingredients sourced directly from the property will almost assuredly be included in the receipes. 

4:15-5:00 pm   PTYF founded and supports the Girls for Success Dominica program with a library at their Girlhood Lounge. The girls will be coming to the resort to participate in an "empowerment workshop".  Feel free to share a talent or interest with the girls, if interested. 


Note: Please consider bringing an old suitcase full of books or school supplies for teen girls or preschool children (two libraries PTYF started on the island) or bring a few books in your own suitcase to donate.

5:00-6:00 pm  Gentle Yoga

6:30 pm Dinner at Jungle Bay

Day 8

7-10 am              Breakfast at Jungle Bay

8:30-9:30am    Vinyasa Yoga then enjoy the resort until it is time for departure to the airport.  Sack lunches will be provided for your return trip home.

Testimony from February 2023: “What a wonderful adventure filled, soul thriving, nature abound retreat you have created! I have learned so much and have made some life-long friends. What an assembly of great people! It was the perfect experience for me. I am so grateful, and I will see you again I am certain.”  

Peace through Yoga Foundation developed, built and supports a Girls for Success school in the rainforest of Costa Rica, developed two libraries in Dominica (one for teen girls and one at a preschool) and supports and a women's shelter in Morocco.  


Feb 2024
double occupancy
January 2026
99 p.p.

$650 per person single supplement
$199 per person double room for pre-night stay

A $500 deposit is due per person upon booking.  The balance is due 90 days prior to departure.  Trip Protection is highly recommended through our Travel Manager, Susie Morwick.   Cancellation fee is $250 prior to balance due and non-refundable after full payment. 


The 8 day/7 night package includes:

  • Accommodation in Villa Rooms  

  • All healthy meals and fresh fruit juices (full board) 

  • Off-Site Excursions as described

  • On-Site activities such as herbal presentation, nature walks, Caribbean cooking class 

  • Nine (9) yoga classes for all levels in one of the two yoga studios including props (mats, blocks, blankets & straps)

  • Access to private trails on the lodge’s property, an incredible infinity pool, whirlpool, luscious spa treatments and more!

  • Government VAT (10-15%)

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Not included

  • Flight to Dominica (DOM) from your hometown

  • Tipping to local guides

  • Alcoholic beverages or other personal expenses

  • Whale watching, scuba diving or Champagne Snorkel trip

RECOMMENDATION:  Due to the changing airfares in the airline industry, we recommends booking your air to the destination once you confirm land arrangments with PTYF


The itinerary is subject to change based on weather and conditions.



Mariah Rochelle

Mariah Rachelle, BSW and RYT-200. Mariah is currently in graduate school working on her Master of Social Work and has a passion for helping girls and women to empower themselves through adventure, yoga, and holistic wellness. She has participated in service trips to Jamaica and Kenya and recently went on her first yoga retreat to Dominica. Mariah feels  most at home when she is surrounded by nature and is beyond excited to lead others in adventures around the world.   February 2024 Trip

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Sally Bassett

Sally Bassett, Ph.D./E-RYT, has been teaching yoga for over two decades. As well as being a yoga instructor, Sally is a humanitarian, world traveler, seeker, and founder of Peace through Yoga Foundation. 


Sally has led groups to over 120 countries as a result of her 40+ year career in the travel industry where she went from flight attendant to CEO.  Sally’s yoga journey has included a 12-year ownership of two yoga studios before selling in 2014, teaching yoga and philosophy as an adjunct professor at Butler University for seven years and co-founding the Yoga and Spirituality program at Christian Theological Center in Indianapolis, IN. Sally teaches at Blooming Life Yoga in the village of Zionsville, IN and leads retreats around the world.  Her favorite quote is by Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”    January 2023 Trip 

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Our trips are in partnership with Peace through Yoga Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, and Blooming Life Yoga. 

To register for this trip, please call or email our Reservations Manager, Susie Morwick,

at (317) 544-8391 


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