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In Morocco, more than 50% of women have experienced violence.

Peace through Yoga supports a women’s shelter for those who have been victims
of violence in Morocco


This includes abused wives, but also single moms, who are rejected by their partners and families. Having children out of wedlock is considered a crime in Morocco and without the necessary legal support, moms can be incarcerated and children are unable to get an identity that allows them to have access to a normal life, like being in school.  They also take care of pregnant refugees, mirgrant women. Morocco is an of transit for many sub-Saharan citizens trying to get to Europe for a better life. 

In Morocco, more than 50% of women have experienced violence.

Among these women, only about 28% have sought help from others regarding their abusive environment.  

Poor women do not have access to education. As a result, they have to be financially dependent on their partners because they cannot find a job. These women tend to receive violence from their partner more passively than those who have jobs. Lack of education and jobs makes women vulnerable to abusive relationships because they feel no power to defend their rights and interests. Because of a lack of access to stable housing after escaping from an abusive situation, women are often forced to return to their abusive partners.


On our annual Morocco trips, we offer a short visit to the women’s center just outside the city that offers temporary lodging to women and children.

We take much needed items like food, diapers, hygiene items, etc. we also participate In a henna tattoo ritual since that has a stronger cultural connection to the women there.

The ritual is part of any celebration in Morocco and as we visit and donate to them, this activity is more meaningful for them to celebrate by sharing a central aspect of their culture.

Local musicians are part of the ceremony, as well as joining in and learning Moroccan dance steps. 


We hope you will consider donating for items purchased on our next trip to Morocco. 100% of the funds are designated

to the center and tax deductible. 

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